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Monday, September 25, 2017

Today Apple releases macOS High Sierra, these are their news

From September 25th at 7:00 p.m. , Apple will press the button to release the latest version of macOS , specifically version 10.13 High Sierra . A rather interesting evolution of the operating system for Mac.
The update can be done from the App Store for Mac, where you only have to press the installer that will appear in Launchpad (where all applications are). The process is really simple and requires no prior knowledge.
Although visually macOS 10.13 does not change too much, if we find interesting newsas to its functions. Some of them closely resemble iOS 11, where integration into both operating systems will remain outstanding.

iCloud Drive with family

You can now share iCloud Drive "Family" thanks to iOS 11
In iOS 11 we already saw how we could share our storage with a relative. As long as we have a plan of 200 GB or higher . Now, this possibility also we have it in macOS Sierra.

Share files from iCloud Drive

This new feature allows us to share our files on iCloud Drive from a link . You will no longer need to create a copy of the document to attach to an email or an instant messaging program. A very useful function that already had Dropbox.

Notes, increasingly useful

IOS Notes
In Notes we find some outstanding functions such as the incorporation of tables or the possibility of fixing notes at the top of the screen. If we often use a list frequently, it will now be much easier to locate it at a glance.

Mail no longer searches, finds

For all of you who use Mail on your Mac, now we will notice that the searches are much more accurate, where we will also have the opportunity to place on top the most relevant emails . The threads are now simpler to follow and Mail will be able to detect what information you have read to put it in a higher position.

Live Photos with FaceTime

At the moment we did not find a group video call in FaceTime, something that we have been asking for a long time, but Apple gives us the possibility to make a Live Photowhen we are making a video call with a friend. Both will receive a warning about the capture and will automatically go to the reel of your photo library.

Siri wants to be more with us

Siri wants to win her Christmas gift by doing her job well. Thanks to the integration of Apple Music, Siri will act as Shazam, that is, listen to our songs . But with the particularity that will do it to show us more related songs and thus better know our musical tastes.
The voice, both male and female, is now more natural than before . Where the intonation changes depending on the type of response. As always, the more we use it, the more we will learn and know our tastes better.

Safari, the most benefited

In recent weeks, Safari has received much criticism from some websites as it will now prevent massive crawling . This means that if one day you look for a product on the Internet, you will no longer see ads every two to three related to it.
Safari will remove all tracking data so that Internet browsing is more "healthy" and without the intrusiveness we sometimes suffer because of the mass advertising that is shared between various websites.
The navigation is now much faster, something we already noticed in iOS 11. In addition we can configure the web pages to our liking . For example, zoom in on a particular web and save that setting or block certain content.
Possibly the first few hours will be somewhat catastrophic to download the new operating system, do not worry, just arm yourself with a little patience or wait until after a few hours, where the servers will be less congested.
macOS High Sierra 10.13 , incorporates many more interesting news, these are just some of the highlights. Remember that from 19:00 hours (Spain peninsula) and 18:00 hours in the Canary Islands , macOS 10.13 will be available for download. from the Mac App Store.

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