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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Tomorrow you can book the new iPhone 8, do not forget a cover

As confirmed in the presentation of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus , from September 15 at 09:01 in the morning , you can reserve your new iPhone from the Apple website.
The delivery will be available from Friday the 22nd in the Apple Store , where you can pick the iPhone that best suits your needs.
To protect your new iPhone, we propose a series of covers to protect it just take it out of the box, there is no greater courage than a fall just buy it . Does it ring you?

Transparent Gel Case

If you are looking for a case that shows the design of your new iPhone without increasing its thickness and with a gel protection to cushion the falls, this ESR case is a good choice. You currently have a 53% savings.

Rugged and breakable design

This Spigen case offers us a rugged design with a few details of carbon fiber. It is a rubber casing, with which it is lightweight and protects against shock. You currently have a 50% discount.

Minimalist design with integrated battery for Plus

If you look for an all in one without breaking much the aesthetics of the iPhone 8, this case with integrated battery is quite interesting. There are currently only a few units left, but you are still in time to get one.

Screen Protector with Lifetime Warranty

Although the iPhone screen is usually very sturdy, it is not immune to day-to-day scratches by carrying the terminal in a pocket or purse. It gives much courage to see those micro scratches on the screen, especially when we have little time with him. Now you have it with a 35% discount.

iPhone 7 for 590 euros

If what you were waiting for is to see if the current iPhone 7 lowered price, now is your chance. The iPhone 7 is an extraordinary smartphone with a spectacular camera, but it is more spectacular the price you can find it right now.
Now only need to watch the clock to be able to reserve the new iPhone at 09:01 from the Apple website or from your app.

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