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Friday, September 1, 2017

Touch ID hides a secret you may not know

Did you know that the Touch ID of your iPhone hides a secret that you may not know? Although you may know some of you, do not forget that there are people less expert or curious who may not know, so we will find out. 

Only five fingerprints can register your Touch ID? That's what you think

The curious will have noticed that only 5 fingerprints can be registered, that is, five people can access your iPhone using the Touch ID. Although with the trick that we are going to tell you today, you can have at your disposal ten available prints , for your ten fingers or for ten different people.
Touch ID trick
Touch ID setup screen
This trick is that when you access the configuration of the Touch ID that allows us to configure new footprints, we see two steps to register it. A first step of putting our finger several times, and a second step focused on changing the position of the finger and be able to perfect the recognition of the fingerprint. Then, in this configuration you can use for example your finger in the first step of the configuration, and the finger of another person in the second step. 
Thus, your iPhone can be unlocked by two different tracks, but on the iPhone it will appear that we only have one finger registered. Thus, we have the possibility to add several people, a trick that can be useful. 
This is not a safety fault , it is simply a redundancy that in the first steps the fingerprint is not recognized with a few simple touches and more configuration steps are necessary. This we will use to be able to skip the limitation that imposes us Apple. 
If you want to know more about how this trick is done, do not hesitate to go to the video that Fernando Del Moral and David Hebrero have done on our YouTube channel.

Leave us in the comment box all you think about this trick related to your Touch ID.

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