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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Trampas, Baseball and Apple Watch: Jessica Fletcher case?

Last week happened something truly fascinating American League baseball. Even I, who have no idea of this sport, I've been ojiplática. Although the aim was to cheat to gain an advantage over rivals, even planning it would have fared better with Apple marketing strategy . Apparently the Boston Red Sox devised a plan to capture the hand signals performing the opposing team (Come on , beckoning to decide what play did) with the help of an Apple Watch.
Ojo, that the level of cheating has been such that has been the Major League Baseball that has done the research. It all started when the manager of the New York Yankees, Brian Cashman, filed a complaint managers in the league a few weeks ago, in which a video of the events of August claiming that it included a member of the Red Sox constantly looked at his Apple Watch and later indicated the team .
This complaint came to arbitral bodies, which investigated and concluded that indeed, the Red Sox were cheating. But how?

Discover a new role for the Apple Watch: cheating

When the teams met, the Red Sox coaches admitted that they received images of video playbacks live rivals, which are then communicated to the team. In addition, it is not an exceptional practice, but took weeks with this successful method to anticipate opposites .
In response, the Red Sox also completed a complaint against the Yankees making sure that other teams were using cameras TV Channel team to decipher the signs of his opponents in real.Al time seems to capture the signs is not something new in baseball . Catchers have always spoken with pitchers using signs and anyone could see them could alert the other team.
By the way, it is something that is permitted, provided it is done with the eyes , but the devices are prohibited. Although it not yet knows what steps will the Commission, it is clear that the Red Sox will be penalized.

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