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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Update to move to watchOS 4 for Apple Watch now available

Today, as we said just a few days ago, has already officially released iOS 11 for both iPhone and iPad, but it seems that it has not been the only operating system that has come out today from Apple, also its younger brother watchOS 4 . just mentioned in absolutely all models of Apple Watch software is now available.

Improving the Unbeatable

watchos 4
The new watchOS brings us 3 new faces including the classic and characteristic characters of the movie Toy Story and Siri , improvements in the experience related to music in general and an app with which we can control our pulsations and monitor them through our smartwatch.
This new operating system is more focused on the usefulness and the manageability that can give to give this clock in its entirety, that is to say, to make our tasks much easier and make the daily routine much simpler and simpler, something similar to the purpose that the first iPhone, which was released in 2007 and recently fulfilled the 10 years, hence the iPhone X symbolizing the anniversary of a decade.
We will have many really useful functions that have been implemented or improved drastically in this software from Apple Watch, among them we can find the tool to save messages and then read them on the iPhone . Of course, we have to be clear that if we want to update to watchOS 4 and synchronize it with our terminal California, the latter will have to have the new version of iOS that came out today, iOS 11.
apple watch series 3
It is clear that the main purpose of this watchOS is to improve the experience of the previous operating system and make it easier than it was to do any task. All that is waiting for the new Apple Watch Series 3 LTE comes next to the two iPhone and Apple TV in 4K definition.

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