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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Video tutorials: Take advantage of iOS 11 news on the iPad

Many of the features that we wanted to be possible with the iPad are already here thanks to the innovations of iOS 11, officially presented today. Thus, Apple brings us closer to the possibility of making our iPad as productive as a Mac, but with portability and clearly the smaller investment that this represents ..
So, so that it does not take us so long to find out what the final version of iOS 11 is for the iPad, Cupertino wanted to get ahead and so they have presented three videotutorials with what they believe will dazzle users.

How to take advantage of iOS 11 on our iPad

One of the most practical functions is to pass the notes made with our Apple Pencil to a text to send it through another application. And yes, iOS 11 makes it possible with a tools that allows us to select the text or a part of it and press "convert" to make the change. And that's what the next video is about.

Yes you are a fan of photography sure that this functionality will be your favorite, thanks to the arrival of the application Pixelmator, designed to edit individual photos or a group of them in the most practical.

This first series of videos is based on explaining how to copy any type of file from iPhone to iPad. Both devices have the facility of having a common clipboard. This is to increase our productivity with the iPad in iOS 11.

Since its official introduction and as iOS 11 beta was known, the possibilities for the iPad generated great expectations for the fans of this device. Now, with its official arrival for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, each user will have the final verdict.

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