Monday, September 11, 2017

Watch out! A new WhatsApp scam about Zara

In these times it is important to know that nobody gives away anything, much less highly known commercial chains. This time the one affected is the Zara fashion chain. In this type of thymus gift checks are offered for a high economic value . Keep reading and we will give you more information about it.
Cybercriminals offer a coupon of 150 euros to spend on the Inditex chain only having to fill out a form in which personal data are requested. If you have received this message by WhatsApp, directly delete it. Nobody is going to give you a check of so much money for some simple personal data . The mission of these bullies is to collect your information for a subscription to premium services, with the consequent destruction in the telephone bill.
Also your data can be used to sneak some kind of malware program , or simply to traffic with your personal information to receive unwanted advertising.
The Galician fashion firm is not the only one affected by this type of bullshit. At the time it was the Valencian Mercadona, with a juicy offer of checks also of 150 euros and now so is the German food distribution chain Lidl .
We will never tire of repeating that this type of information has no validity , they look for the speed of networks as a means of dissemination and that someone in good faith stumbles. You know, if you have had the bad luck to fall , check with your telephone operator if you have subscribed to some type of premium SMS service and if so, automatically process the low.
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