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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

We will get used to iOS 11 quickly

When we feel comfortable with something, we have trouble changing it, so updating the iPhone operating system is not something absolute for everyone. However, the new iOS 11 officially released this week - and we already had several new features - has many reasons you want to get it.
For both iPhone and iPad, iOS 11 brings several tricks in the hands that will make it more practical to move between your favorite options, as well as tools that will make that function that you have always hoped that it is possible to be fulfilled.

IOS Guide 11

As previously announced, only users with 64-bit chip devices are compatible with iOS 11 :
  • iPhone 5s onwards.
  • iPad mini 2, iPad Air, iPad of 2017 and iPad Pro from 2015 onwards.
  • iPod touch sixth generation.

Control center

This has been one of his most talked about novelties. And the fact that this time iOS allows us to customize our screen or reorder the icons to our liking is something that is appreciated. And as the days pass, we will have more details to highlight.
To make the changes in the Control Center all you have to do is go to Settings> Control Center and change the items that you want.


This system now works fused with the Lock Screen , allowing you to slide your finger down from the iPhone or your iPad is activated. Then you must slide up to access iOS 11 notifications.


The iOS 11 dock for the iPad houses as many applications as a Mac, while enhancing the multitasking option allowing iPad users to open applications quickly and switch between one and the other.
To place or remove any item, just keep a file, an image or a video; drag and drop it.


This is a feature fully exploitable for iPad users. With the split screen in the iPad will have the ability to drag and drop items from one application to another. And best, you can activate from the Dock.


From now on Apple has implemented a new file management system with a native application called "Files". In it, it will be much easier to organize and share documents, projects, images and files.


In this version, Apple has been dedicated to solving one of the most common complaints about Siri. Therefore, the virtual assistant of Apple will sound more natural and thus not to alternate to those who hate to remember that they speak with a machine. Among the changes related to its functionality, two characteristics stand out; Siri can now translate into English Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Italian.
On the other hand, the assistant has a switch that allows you to communicate by text rather than voice. To activate this option is necessary to access the menu General -> Accessibility settings and from there to reverse the way in which Siri responds to us.


iOS 11 knows that screenshots have multiple purposes, so this new version offers an alternative to edit them is easier than ever, using an app that allows you to cut and annotate with a set of small markers to add, text, shapes and everything what we consider necessary.
When finished, iOS allows you to save the image or share it with Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, or email.

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