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Monday, September 25, 2017

What does the iPhone X represent for technology?

When it comes to buying a terminal either for ourselves or as a gift for a loved one, the first thing that comes to mind is always the iPhone . Since the last keynote that took place on Tuesday, September 12, Apple in the entrails of the Steve Jobs Theater, the clear protagonist of the brand and the product of this one that has given more to speak has been without a doubt the iPhone X.
It's funny when you look at the comments or criticism that people make to the terminal given that it has not even come out . As much as anti-Apple users, who have not had anything of this brand, is overrated and its price is exorbitant, the reality is that it is not, in Applesencia we usually say that the products of the apple are worth its corresponding price .
For all those who do not know because the smartphone is called X, it is in honor of the tenth anniversary of the iPhone , that is, this year marks a decade, ten years since Apple's father and founder Steve Jobs presented the first terminal in the keynote of 2007 which ended by saying: "we have reinvented the phone".

Nonsense criticism

iPhone X Retina
It also draws attention that some users of brands such as Samsung, the biggest competition Apple has in the world of telephony, say that the iPhone X or just the 8, are too expensive for what they offer, but the economic difference does not is as great as the quality and performance offered by these smartphones , especially the X.
As we saw before, a professional photographer named James Martin received the iPhone 8 from Apple before it went on sale and decided no more than see how good could be the camera of this terminal. James was impressed on his visit to one of the most iconic American cities: San Francisco. Here he took pictures of the famous Golden Gate Bridge with that smartphone and the results were incredible, even he was impressed.
Golden Gate Bridge Photo iPhone 8 Plus
Returning to the iPhone X, which is undoubtedly a milestone for technology , although perhaps not the caliber that represented the first phone of the California firm, but it is clearly a step forward, especially in biometric technology . We all remember when Steve Jobs said that the mobiles of that era were overloaded with buttons and so on, from then on, smartphones with those characteristics almost ceased to exist .
iPhone X
True, the X model has the highest price in history , but it is nothing that surprises us, since taking into account that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are far superior to their rivals of other manufacturers, above the iPhone of the tenth anniversary will be even more powerful and versatile.
Maybe it has 3GB of RAM , but that yes, on an operating system for iPhone and iPad like iOS, is more than enough. We can say perfectly that the RAM in Apple software is maximized, as it is designed for a very short list of terminals, while Android is made for infinite smartphones, hence optimization is one of the strengths of the Cupertino apple .
As we can read in ADSLZone , the great fort of the terminal that we will see leave on November 3, if everything goes according to plan clear is given that recently have appeared rumors that the production of the iPhone X has been delayed and therefore the output it will also be the processor, which is the most powerful that has been implemented in a smartphone throughout history.
A11 Fusion Processor
The name of this CPU is A11 Bionic , it has 6 nucléos, 3 for simple tasks like simple applications and 3 for things that require more power than usual. To give us an idea, this microprocessor literally sweeps all terminals in the world and even surpasses some mid-range computer processors such as an Intel i7 7500U, used in laptops.
This is not the first time an iPhone surpasses a potential computer, the iPhone 7 which is only a year, already surpassed several MacBook Air in performance . With all the advances that the iPhone X will bring on November 3, all doubts about the quality and price of this smartphone will disappear.

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