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Sunday, September 10, 2017

What iPad Pro is best for me? 10.5 vs 12.9 inches

This year, the line iPad models is literally bigger than ever . The new 10.5 - inch device is a big change after the 9.7 - inch iPad have always had. Of course, we also have an iPad Pro with the size of an average, 12.9 - inch MacBook.
Of course if you are in the market for an iPad to work, draw or class, surely you will have been looking between these two devices . It is very difficult to choose between 10.5 and 12.9 inches, although a priori the cases of almost 13 inches seems ridiculously large.

What is the best iPad for me?

First we must consider that both models are exactly identical inside. In both find one A10X processor similar to Intel i5 new MacBook power , a battery reaches 10 hours of continuous use, 4GB of RAM and the same camera iPhone 7.
To summarize, the only differences that we find between these two devices are on the screen and the operating system . Believe me, if you plan to use the iPad in a professional manner, no matter how huge it seems the version of 12.9 inches is a size that must be taken into account, since this screen is the size of a sheet DinA4.

Differences between the two iPad

As I said, not only we have to choose between two different size screens. Both iPad has its own features in iOS we have to keep in mind when choosing one or the other, especially when they use iOS 11.
For example, in the cases of 12.9 inches we can find a large and more comfortable keyboard to type with a row over keys which include all numbers separately, allowing to choose symbols as "secondary key". We also find that the iPad can not split the keyboard , since it makes little sense because its screen size and separation.
In addition, we can expect the 12.9 - inch iPad has more room for more applications split - screen , because if it is not yet able to do this, surely soon will.

In short, if you plan to use the iPad professionally, either both to draw and to write, you probably suits plus 12.9 inches . On the other hand, if you believe that mobility is first or you will use on a campus, or just like more the classic size iPad, the 10.5 "it is your iPad.

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