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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Where and how to buy the new iPhone without it suffers the pocket

Today we will see the new models of iPhone that Apple will present from 19:00 hours (Spain). Many of you will be attentive to know the official price, where it will be a determining factor to buy it or not.
In the United States, Apple has a terminal renewal program , where you can renew the iPhone every year without additional cost, paying little by little. What has been a "renting", a full rental .
Although we still have no evidence to see this business model in Spain, we do have some really interesting alternatives . Especially because we find 0% financing without having to pay a large initial amount.

Telephone companies have pros and cons

Normally, when we want to buy a new iPhone, we go to our operator to make us an offer to renew our terminal . Now it is difficult to find a subsidy, that is, an interesting price drop in exchange for a stay.
There are still, but they are not so interesting anymore. Instead, they offer us the possibility of financing the phone with few paperwork and paying a minimum fee. In some cases we offer the possibility of having the terminal for a certain time (12 or 24 months) and then return it without having to pay the remaining amount.
The problem of renewing the iPhone with the telephone operator is that we do not have all the capabilities . Almost always we will be offered the model of less capacity, but being able to choose almost all available colors.

Buy the new iPhone on the big surfaces

Another alternative is to go to some department stores to see the possibilities of financing. Normally they do not usually have problems when financing a device, moreover, it is convenient for the interest rate they offer us and because there is a high percentage of us buying something else (case, tempered glass, other accessory ...).
In most cases, we can find all models and capabilities . On certain occasions, the procedures for requesting a financing consists of payroll, bank receipt and photocopy of ID.
Now there are 0% renting , where they even specify that we can have the new iPhone for about 30 euros a year in 24 months or 60 euros in 12 months. Once the deadline expires, we can return it to change it for another one or to keep it paying the difference.

Apple Store, online or in physical store

Apple Store of Puerta del Sol
Apple Store of Puerta del Sol
Buying at Apple Store is the best option to have the new iPhone from the first day of release . We ensure that by booking, our new phone will be available to pick you up or to send it home on the first day of sale in our country.
The problem is financing, in case we want to pay it little by little. Apple is currently working with Cetelem, a financial company that does not have a very good reputation and many customers prefer to look for alternatives.
Another way of financing at the Apple Store would be with a credit card from our bankThey usually provide it without problems, but with somewhat high interests. Depending on the type of account we have, we can offer some cards with interesting conditions.
Until Apple decides to disembark with its particular "renting" in Spain, we will have to choose the best option that suits our needs if we do not want to break the piggy bank and pay it "at once".
In the first options, ie, renting, we have the advantage that we will always be saving money , since we can choose to return it without paying the remaining fee.

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