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Where is it cheaper to buy the iPhone 8 or iPhone X?

Now that we know the prices of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X in several countries , we wonder where it is cheaper to buy them. It is clear that this place is not Europe, because between tariffs and other mysterious costs, the iPhone is very expensive, especially in the South of the old continent; Spain and Italy take the prize in this aspect, although any iPhone is much more expensive in any European country. Far off are the days when a price in US dollars and euros had the same figure. In the US, Apple sells its products considerably cheaper, in part because in many states the tax burden is much lower than in Europe ... for example, the VAT equivalent in many states never reaches the 21% we suffer in Spain, where almost a quarter of the total price we pay for an iPhone are taxes . For this reason, if it turns out that you are traveling to another country, it is often a good idea to buy an iPhone outside your country to save a good percentage of the price, although it is important to be careful not to buy a machine that is not compatible with mobile phone networks of your land.
In this sense, the iPhone X which at its lowest capacity of 64 GB costs $ 999 , will be the star of the souvenirs of many tourists who visit the United States or other countries where it is much cheaper than in their homeland. In these graphs you can see in which countries it is cheaper to buy an iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone XThe figure is the price in Euros.
Prices for iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X in different countries
The US price is a bit misleading because it is the amount it has before taxes, while in countries like Spain that VAT is included, making this comparison a bit unfair. That is why the price comes in several states. It is logical, because depending on the state in which it is bought, that price changes. For that reason it is better to take this graph as a guide. In second place we see Japan, which for many years is one of the places where it is cheaper to compare an iPhone, which, moreover, are compatible with the cellular networks of mobile operators in Spain or Mexico, among many other countries. This is because import tariffs are considerably lower there since VAT is only 8%, and is already high because just 3 years ago it was only 5%. All together makes prices significantly lower there . This makes Japan the perfect target for many Chinese who want to buy as many units as they can to take them to China, hide them at customs and try to resell them more expensive ... it is a problem very similar to that of many who buy in Hong Kong and try paste in China by the neighboring region of ShenZhen. There, this problem is repeated every year . The risk these people run is logical ... an iPhone X costs 36% more in Spain than in Japan . The temptation is very strong .
This other graph, reflects the prices in Euros of the iPhone 8 Plus;
Prices for iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X in different countries
In this new graphics, the iPhone 8;
Prices for iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X in different countries
Given these graphs, it is clear that if you live in Europe or Mexico and you go to the US or Japan, buying a free iPhone there can be very profitable. But be careful because if they catch youat customs, even if it is only one, you can ask for an invoice and pay that VAT you have saved yourself off. There are also some small differences; For example, all smartphones in Japan make the camera shutter sound when taking a picture or taking a screen shot, whether the silence mode is on or not ... they will always make that noise because, by law, they are forced to do so. It is also possible that some features like the NFC Felica chip only work in that country, and not in your home country ... for that reason, always make sure that you have clear what you buy, that is a free terminal and that you take the version which can connect to the 4G-LTE networks of your land (with 3G-WDCMA, generally, there is no problem). As you know,
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