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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

You can now pay directly with your iPhone with Carrefour PASS

It has been a long time since the official launch of Apple Pay in the United States. Little by little, the mobile payment platform of the apple company has been expanding and making its way through all countries at an international level.
But in Spain it is still not possible to pay via Apple Pay with the iPhone in all the services of your city: metro, train, bus, restaurants ... Luckily, little by little companies start to implement mobile payments from the iPhone in their businesses .
Until now, it was only possible to use Apple Pay if you belonged to a particular bank. But that's over! Now, with the PASS card Carrefour will be possible to make payments directly to your iPhone or your Apple Watch via Apple Pay at the supermarket (and any other store) whatever your bank system with contactless .

How does the Carrefour PASS card work?

The Carrefour PASS card is the only card in the Spanish market that offers the possibility to make payments with your mobile phone with any bank account how, when and where you want. How? With a simple and efficient method. When? Whenever you have your iOS or Android device. Where? Both inside and outside the Carrefour environment.
The operation of the Carrefour PASS card is really simple. As an iOS user, all you have to do is link your card in the Wallet application of your iPhone or your Apple Watch to activate the Apple Pay mobile payment .
Once you have done this, you will only need to bring your iPhone to the POS terminalof the store, restaurant, supermarket or local when paying and verify your identity through the Touch ID function or entering your PIN code. That easy!
In the case of Android, you can use the application Carrefour PASS as long as your terminal is compatible with NFC technology . After activating mobile payments, the process is similar to Apple Pay, but you will need to enter the PIN number.
No more rummaging in your purse or purse to pay cash! Your credit card code has been manually entered! Check for yourself how useful and quick it is to use the PASS card with Apple Pay.

Carrefour PASS

On the other hand, thanks to the application Carrefour PASS for iPhone and iPad users will have the option of accessing additional functions such as browsing movements, credit extension requests and more.
You can get the APP Carrefour PASS to complement it with your PASS card in the iOS App Store from the following download button that follows:
Android version:
The Carrefour PASS app is also available for Android devices. Download it for free from here:
Finally we can say that the future has already arrived and make payments with the PASS card Carrefour will be much easier, faster, safer and more efficient . Just bring the iPhone or Android smartphone to the POS terminal and go! Welcome mobile payments with your iPhone and presume to be so modern with your friends and family.

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