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Friday, September 22, 2017

You have 2 years warranty with Apple, do not be fooled

Many wonder how Apple products that boast of quality and a higher price than the competition, only offer a year warranty . The short answer is simple, Apple is an ambitious company that wants to generate revenue and is an expert in marketing, so they offer their own extended warranty plan.
Through an extended warranty such as Apple Care, we promise greater ease in repairing our equipment, in addition to having an additional year of warranty on our products. But here in Spain, it is not entirely true.
In Spain we enjoy a 2-year warranty, yes or no , but if we do not have Apple Care, Apple usually applies the Law to rajatabla, that is, the first year Apple takes care of repairs and the second year, the seller.
In case it was not possible to contact the seller (for example, a store that has closed), Apple would take care of it, but if it proves that it is not a factory failure, we will bear the expenses.

What are the advantages of Apple Care?

Genius Apple Bar
Genius Apple Bar
When we buy an Apple device, we are always offered the extended warranty for a price that is sometimes excessive for many customers. On certain occasions, we can see how salespeople pressure us with the fatalities that we could have on our equipment in its useful life.
They even emphasize the high cost of repair in case of an accident, where thanks to Apple Care, this cost would be suppressed or would have a much lower cost.
The main advantage of hiring Apple Care is the ease and speed when it comes to repairing a product. For example, if we have an iPhone and the battery is defective, we can call Apple Care and request a replacement for not running out of phone (with a hold on our bank card with the cost of the product). All this by Internet or by phone, that is, without having to move anywhere.
Another benefit of Apple Care is that if we have an expensive repair due to our fault (an accident with a product), Apple could alleviate that repair bill, offering us an interesting discount to continue to enjoy our equipment with a faster repair and with a lower cost.

So why say they only offer one year?

Apple Store Clerks
Very simple, Apple offers only a year of worldwide warranty, but according to the country in which you reside, Apple has to adopt the laws that apply. In the case of Spain, the warranty of the product is distributed in one year by the seller and another year by the manufacturer (commercial guarantee) , in this case, Apple.
In the first year, Apple would take care of the repairs directly, but in the second year, it would be the seller who would have to respond to our disagreement. The seller, for us to understand, would be the one that would have to "fight" with Apple to repair the product.
In the event that it is not possible to contact the seller on our part, we can contact Apple to try to solve the problem. To do this, you must make a diagnosis in the equipment to evaluate the problem (free). If it proves that the defect is factory, Apple would be responsible for the expenses. Otherwise, they could charge us the price of diagnosis and repair.

What if I buy it online or at an Apple Store?

Apple Store Online
Apple Store Online remains closed
If we buy it in a physical Apple Store, we may be told to go to the same Apple Storewhere we bought the product (during the second year) to take over. It's weird, but if they apply the Law fairly, they could do it.
If the sale was made by phone or online, we must go to the same route. If the problem can not be resolved over the phone, we will refer you to a nearby Apple Store  or authorized service technician so they can solve the problem.
The Apple Customer Service will help the consumer to check if the conditions set out in the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users are met. If the matter can not be resolved by telephone or if the Apple product requires a technical diagnosis to determine if there is a lack of conformity, it will be referred to the consumer by an Apple Authorized Service Center or an Apple Store.
That is, buying in the physical Apple Store or online, we will have many advantages compared to buying a third party seller. But we will not have the ease that we provide with Apple Care, for example, with express replacement at our home.
In short, if you do not have an Apple Store nearby, it is very convenient to hire Apple Care , in this way, we will make sure that if we have any problems, we will be solved without having to go to an Apple Store (in most cases ).

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