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Saturday, September 23, 2017

You're not ugly, you just do not know how to use the iPhone filters

Talking about photography on mobile devices is talking about filters . Yes, those rescued agents that allow your photos to have another air. iOS 11 not only changes the filters available , it also changes the user interface and shows us some more trick . Let's show them how they are and how we can use them.
The iPhone raises the bar with new camera filters inspired by classic photography. The portraits are more expressive and the skin tones, more natural. But there is not the thing: thanks to a latest compression technology, the photos have the same quality as always, but they weigh half . "
This is how Apple touts photo filters on their website . They have a new air and without hesitation, take on greater importance in the new operating system.
Here's how to use the new filters. Remember what we always say, a well-used filter embellishes , if you do not choose well, you can upload the photo.

How to find them

Open the Camera app and tap the filter button in the top right corner (or top left if you're in landscape mode). Filters are only available in Photo, 1: 1 and Portrait modes .
Now you will see the new interface. Previously you saw a grid of available filters, choose one, then you will see a preview of how it will stay and you can go testing with the different filters available, which helps you to appreciate the final result.

How to use camera filters on iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad.

Scroll through them and choose from Original, Vivid, Warm Vivid, Cold Vivid, Dramatic, Warm Dramatic, Dramatic Cold, Mono, Silver, and Noir. Once you have the desired filter, touch the shutter button to take your photo .
If you later decide that you do not like the filter, you can always change it by selecting the image in the Photos application and pressing Edit. Touch the filter button and select a new filter, then touch "Done" when you are finished.
As you can see is very simple, the secret is to try and compare with the original photo. If the filter beautifies the photo, use it , otherwise it will be best to leave it and enjoy the photo as you took it.

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