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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Youtube on iOS can broadcast live ReplayKit apps and games

That's right, you can now broadcast live on YouTube some ReplayKit games or applications . So far we could only see this kind of thing on computers and these had to be high or medium range to be able to stream a game as you play it, in a nutshell, nobody would have imagined that this was going to be possible on an iPhone or iPad.

YouTube Gaming from your iPhone

YouTube logo
If you are an iPhone or iPad user and you are excited about this good news, we have to tell you that you will have to use iOS 10.2 , something really basic, but only the last Apple products make use of this operating system, obviously are worth later versions such as iOS 11, which is still in beta.
This live YouTube relay system has a name: YouTube Gaming . This section more focused on video game players has been one of the biggest rivalries that has had a platform as great as throughout its history and even today there are large numbers of people who prefer the app YouTube because it can be viewed in 1080 at 60 frames per second.
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Another requirement that you will need to be able to do this is to have at least 100 subscribers on YouTube to stream from the iPhone or iPad application . Being a device that has both front and back camera, you can do a retransmission in 2.0, ie as if you had a webcam showing your face and your facial reactions at the same time that you transmit the sound of your voice to your viewers.
It is said that video games on the smartphone are already becoming a reality and that soon dethrone the consoles in this aspect, at first nobody believed it, but every time there is more evidence that this ends up well and YouTube is taking it really .

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