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Sunday, October 1, 2017

5 tricks we love about iOS 11

The possibilities of iOS 11 for our devices are quite versatile - of that there is no doubt - but depending on the use we make of our iPhone or iPad, there are always some that become our favorites in essential. Yes, this new operating system brings them and has already conquered us with some functions that are worth sharing.
From this first list, we have selected some that make super practical the use of our mobile or tablet in different circumstances, as we will see shortly.
iOS 11

IOS 11 features for iPhone and iPad

Dare to try these 5 tricks as soon as you have iOS 11 running on your iPhone or iPad.
1. Make contacts know when driving
Do Not Disturb mode is not new to iOS 11, but what's new this time is that it will automatically activate when it detects that you are driving, as well as send answers to people who write to you while you are on the road. To configure the operation and to specify what is in the autoresponder texts, open the iOS Settings and touch Do not disturb.
2. Write your requests to Siri
Saying voice commands to Siri is not always practical - if we're in a library, for example - but iOS 11 lets you write your requests instead. From Settings, then General, Accessibility, Siri and then select the Write to Siri option. So the next time you start Siri, you can write instead of talking.
3. Set up your Apple Music profile
If you are a member of Apple Music, iOS 11 lets you set up a profile page for you, which you can use to share your taste for music with your friends. To do this, open the For You tab in the application, then touch your avatar, then select Start Sharing With Friends and finally Start. The application will guide you through the process of setting up your profile.
4. Documents can be scanned directly into Notes
From the iOS 11 Notes application you can now scan documents and scan all the paperwork that we no longer want to see in our home or office. To do this you must tap the new note button, then the plus button and then Scan Documents. iOS 11 will help frame the document in the camera view of your phone and then it will be scanned and saved as a note.
5. Enable one-hand mode on the keyboard
To make it easier to use your large-screen iPhone, Apple has added a single-handed mode to the vertical keyboard. To use it, simply press and hold the emoji button on the keyboard (bottom right), then touch the one-handed mode with the left or right hand. Once you are ready to resume normal two-handed writing, repeat the process and select the usual keyboard.

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