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Monday, October 16, 2017

64 Gb or 256 Gb What iPhone capability to choose?

They say that in the middle is the virtue, but Apple has made it quite difficult to ignore this saying with the memory configurations of the iPhone this year. There is no middle ground, or you stay with 64 Gb or you go directly to 256 Gb.
It is quite likely that many of you are undecided, perhaps one figure seems too small and the other exaggeratedly large, in this article will try to help you make the decision? 64 Gb or 256 GB? What I need?.

What iPhone capacity do I buy? 64 Gb or 256 Gb?
So far I've always applied this maxim to myself "It's never enough, if you can afford it, go for the biggest", but this year I'm thinking a lot.
IPhone X prices
How many of you I will go for the iPhone X, I want to book the same day 27, but it will have to be very fast to get one the same day of its release, which makes it essential to have very clear which model you will choose, both in color and storage. The price of the iPhone X is so high that this is the first year that I consider if I go to the maximum capacity (256 Gb for 1,329 €) or conformare with the smallest (64 Gb for 1,159 €). There is € 170 difference,  but as the starting price is already very expensive you have to think about it.
The following factors are what I am considering to decide between one model or another, I hope that you also serve to decide your choice.

What should you keep in mind to decide the capacity of your iPhone?

The first thing you should think about to decide what storage capacity you choose for your iPhone is the use you give it. Are you one of those who likes to play the most demanding games? Do you use it only to update your social networks and send messages by WhatsApp? Do you use the camera on your iPhone a lot? Do you love to try lots of apps?
These simple questions will help you a lot to make a decision, but to have everything clearer you have to do some numbers, come on.

How much does the content we store on our iPhone?

The most common thing that all users store on their iPhone are photos, videos, music and applications and this is what they occupy on average:
The size of a photograph can vary a lot, depending on the color of the photograph, the environment in which it is taken (with more or less light) and even the format by which you choose to do it. On the iPhone you can take photos in Raw, which occupy a lot, or opt for JPG or the new HEIF format  that allows iOS 11 and with which the photos will weigh half with a very similar quality.
We will discard the RAW, since it is not precisely the most widespread. As I commented a little above the size of the photos may vary, not only by the chosen format, but also by other factors, so to calculate the weight of each photo we will take a mean that will surely come close enough to reality :
  • Average weight of a photo of 12 Mp in JPG: 3,5 Mb
  • Average weight of a photo in HEIF format: 1,75 Mb
This is perhaps the most important factor when choosing a device, if we are going to buy an iPhone 8 or an iPhone X we must bear in mind that these devices are capable of recording video at 4k and 60 FPS and 1080p and 256 FPS if we choose to do so in slow motion. This quality display does not come free. If like me, you like to take full advantage of the features of your devices is quite likely to configure the video recording to the maximum available video quality.
This is what takes every minute of video recorded on an iPhone 8 or iPhone X at maximum resolution:
  • One minute of video recorded at 4K and 60 FPS: 400 Mb.
Well, just to give us an idea, iOS 11 weighs about 2 Gb, to that we have to add the applications that come standard installed, we can take another 2 Gb, so the 64 Gb will stay in less than 60 before remove it from the box.
With 60 Gb, if we record videos at 4K and assuming we do not install anything else on our iPhone, we will have to store 150 minutes of video . It is clear that if the video to maximum quality is your passion you must go for the model of more capacity ...
Many of you will use some streaming music service, although it is also true that if you are worried about the life of your data rate, you will surely have some other playlist downloaded on your iPhone for those trips by subway or bus or for when you're going to play sports right ?.
As with all other files, audio files can vary greatly in weight. It depends on the format, quality and duration of the song. Again we will do an average of the most usual to determine one size per file:
  • A song of 3 minutes and a half to a quality 128 kps: 4 Mb
This is something very difficult to assess, there are millions of applications in the App Store and every person is a world. It depends a lot on what type of applications you use in your day to day life.
The average weight of the applications of iOS is of 38 Mb. But that is only the average weight, to this it is necessary to add what they "fatten" some of these applications with the passage of the time, look what it is occupied to you WhatsApp without going more far…
The weight of the applications goes more, just take this into account, the 10 most installed applications of the App Store have increased by 1.610% on average their weight in the last 4 years. The most spectacular case is Snapchat, in 2013 weighed just 4 Mb, nowadays it weighs 203 Mb. That's 5.075% more. 
Well, to be as accurate as possible and assuming that you all have games installed, WhatsApp, Facebook and other common applications, we will do an approximate average more realistic than those global 38 Mb of which we spoke at the beginning of this section.
  • Average weight of each application installed: 200 Mb
Well let's review all these numbers to make them clear:
  • Average weight of a photo of 12 Mp in JPG: 3,5 Mb
  • Average weight of a photo in HEIF format: 1,75 Mb
  • One minute of video recorded at 4K and 60 FPS: 400 Mb.
  • A song of 3 minutes and a half to a quality 128 kps: 4 Mb
  • Average weight of each application installed: 200 Mb
And now let's get them into practice.

How much content can I accumulate on a 64 Gb or 256 Gb iPhone?

Again we are going to make pythonisos and venture into a few percentages that seem logical.
Let's assume that we dedicate the following percentages of space to each block of contents:
  • Videos : 10% of space
  • Music : 10% of space
  • Photographs: 30% of space
  • Applications: 50% of space
With these percentages and taking into account the average weight assigned to each file, this is what we could accumulate on a 64 Gb or 256 Gb iPhone:
Please note the following:
  • We removed 4 GB of each model by the operating system and pre-installed applications.
  • In the photos we put the two formats (JPG and HEIF) that you can choose in your iPhone, do not add, you will choose one of the two.
iPhone 64GB (60GB usable)iPhone 256GB (252Gb useful)
Videos15 Minutes (6 GB)63 Minutes (25.2 GB)
Music1,500 Songs (6 GB)6,300 Songs (25.2 GB)
Photos JPG5.142 (18 GB)21,600 (75.26 GB)
Photos HEIF10,285 (18 GB)43,200 (75.6 Gb)
Applications150 (30 GB) 630 (126 GB)
Obviously the numbers we present in the table above will surely not fit many of you, everyone uses your iPhone as you want and give you more percentage of memory usage to what suits you, but we are sure that this approach will be very useful to make a purchase decision.


Think and analyze how you use your iPhone before making the purchase decision. You should keep in mind what kind of files you usually accumulate on your device, if from time to time you pass them to your computer and do cleaning on your phone, if you use services in the cloud as the iCloud or Apple Music or Spotify photo library ...
With this data in hand check, with the table above, how many gigas you can save some things and destine others and evaluate whether you will be enough with those 64 GB or you will have to make the jump to 256 GB.
In my particular case, my iPhone 7 Plus has stored more than 47 Gigas in photos and videos and I have installed 158 applications and this after doing a deep cleaning not so long ago. Although I use Apple Music currently I have 79.3 GB of the 128 GB of my phone. Considering that the videos of the iPhone X will occupy more than those of my iPhone 7 Plus seems clear that I will have to settle for the most expensive model, the 256 GB.

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