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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

64% of Americans have an Apple product, 14% more than in 2012

We all know by more than one factor that Apple is a very big brand within the United States, it is possible that in Spain we do not see it as immense as it is due to the variety of terminals and products that this brand does, but in their native country they are the largest firm with a huge difference. To give us an idea, in 2012, one in two Americans had a product of the apple at home, today this figure has risen to 64%.

The apple is still up

Green apple bite
We have already seen on some occasions as Apple was going to become the first American firm to reach a stock market value of one trillion dollars , something quite impressive if we consider that the GDP, gross domestic product, of a country like Spain is 1.12 trillion , while Mexico is 1 trillion , the fact that a company equates an entire country in this aspect is impressive.
Cuando creíamos que la firma californiana no iba a poder crecer más hace unos años, vuelven para demostrarnos que nos equivocábamos. Tras todas las encuestas económicas que se han hecho sobre cuantos productos de Apple tenían las familias americanas en casa, la media era de 2,6 dispositivos fabricados por la manzana. Ahora entendemos porque el CEO de la empresa de Cupertino, Tim Cook, es el hombre que más dinero cobra al mes del mundo.
Although all the rumors are negative as to the iPhone X, it is true that it has not yet come out and all this is driving investors away so the way up to a trillion Apple dollars is slowing down, but maybe when you get out there selling the mentality of those people change , the same Craig Federighi said the Face ID of this terminal would be a breakthrough for biometrics .

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