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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A vlogger visits his father at Apple and shows us his iPhone X

A young woman has recorded how she spent the day with her father at the Apple facility, where he lent his iPhone X.
In the video we can find some curiosities of the facilities of Apple in Cupertino , like the exterior of some common areas and one of the dining rooms that are in the interior.
During lunch, the girl asks her father to show her the iPhone X, where he takes the opportunity to show us some functions exclusive to this model.

A day at Apple's facility

This is the video where we can see in full detail the features of the new iPhone X. Specifically it is the black color , since it does not carry any type of cover.
The video shows the day to day of the girl, but it is from minute 2 where she shows us the facilities of Apple in Cupertino and where she introduces us to her father.
We can see how the iPhone X behaves in a very clean, fast and where the design is really spectacular in the day to day.
By not having a Home button, the girl shows us some of the movements that we have to perform to do certain actions. The father, uses to teach us some Animojis .
Animojis is an exclusive feature of the iPhone X, where we can choose an emoji and have it reproduce our facial actions or even "talk" for us.
The native applications that are shown in the video, we can see how the new design of the iPhone X is fully adapted.
There are few days left for the reserves of the new iPhone X to begin, where it will go on sale next November 3, but we have already seen how Apple workers can enjoy it to get to know the product in depth.

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