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Monday, October 23, 2017

According to Bloomberg Apple has lost its supply chain for the iPhone X

The truth is that the Apple iPhone X of Cupertino is giving a number of problems to the company like almost no other product has been given to this day. We do not stop talking about reports and leaks or just rumors about the delay in producing the terminal, but it seems that this is getting worse as Bloomberg has said that Apple has lost a supply chain for the manufacture of iPhone X , basically this translates to very bad news for the company itself.

iPhone X: Problems and more problems for Apple

iPhone X
It is understandable to see delays and other similar types of conflicts in the production process of something like the smartphone that will symbolize the tenth anniversary of the first iPhone, which met several months ago the decade of existence. Innovation is a factor that Apple is reevaluating , especially with things like the Face ID , so being something so new and extravagant the resources for its manufacture right now are scarce.
One source says that the iPhone X project was going a long way until Tim Cook's workers got their hands on the fact of putting the screen with OLED technology , this radical change has only brought problems since the day on the one that began the production of this terminal. Also, as we have said several times, a component that is missing and at the same time creating conflicts in manufacturing is the 3D Sensor.
Retina iPhone X
The expectations are enormous from the moment he introduced himself in the keynote within the Steve Jobs Theater himself, but it seems that Apple is getting too big a product of the dimensions so apotheosis that is producing the iPhone X in the company and their component suppliers. Anyway, the apple has not said anything about postponing the date of departure of the smartphone.

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