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Thursday, October 5, 2017

According to Siri: The Slowly theme and the Bulgarian Anthem are the same thing

If we do not live in isolation, most of us are clear - and this does not mean that we like it - that Despacito is a subject that we put up in the soup since the beginning of this year. If we have been more curious, we are likely to know that Luis Fonsi plays Daddy Yankee, and that in August of this year was the most watched video in YouTube history.
The above information is also what we can obtain from Siri if we ask about the subject. Although as it has been discovered this Thursday the assistant of Apple, also has something more to tell us on the famous hit. According to TheVerge has published Despacito is also the national anthem of Bulgaria, according to Siri.
Siri on iPhone

Siri What is the anthem of Bulgaria?

This bug was discovered during this Thursday and although it is only thrown when the question is made in English, it has put Siri again between the vital news, as it happens every time that the assistant of Apple, commits some slip or as it has done in this one opportunity, gives you to rewrite history.
Resulta bastante curioso que Siri pensase que o himno de Bulgaria é o Despacito. 😂 A de respostas absurdas que estarán a dar as IA actuais!
For most, the logical question when this error was detected was whether there was any minimal similarity between the music of the Bulgarian anthem and the subject of Luis Fonsi, however, "Мила Родино", "Mila Ridino" or "Dear Homeland," it sounds not only very, but totally different.
Another of the questions was where Siri is getting the information, since when interrogating other assistants does not happen the same. At the moment it is believed that it can be a problem that originated with the Microsoft Bing, which used to be the default search engine for Siri until Apple discarded it for Google last week.

But, anyway, it's a problem that Apple should look to fix right away.

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