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Friday, October 27, 2017

Amazon launches a locking system and intelligent camera to let the delivery people enter the house

Has it happened to you that a delivery man came to your house and you were not there to receive him and take your package? Amazon has thought of this by facilitating a method that if it is gaining strength soon will be available to all users, if you rely on this technology that would allow you to enter your home. 

Amazon Key, the possibility that they leave you the packages in the house

This service consists of a lock and a camera that you must pay from your own pocket. The operation is very simple. When there is a dispatcher on the door, Amazon Key will notify your iPhone to notify you . If you are not at home you can authorize from your terminal to open the door and leave the package. 
Amazon Key App
All this you can control with a security camera Alexa Cloud , so you can see how the dealer enters the parcel leaves and leaves without accessing the house or do something you do not want.
This service is only available in areas selected by Amazon itself and requires the purchase of the installation kit which is priced at $ 250 . Although by this we take a weight off, with a simple touch the driver can leave the package next to our door and leave if we are not in it and all this by watching it live or later with the remaining recording. The system of the app you can see in the image above that is very simple.
In this Gift from Amazon itself you will be clearer sure the different steps:
Amazon Key
This is a risky thing because most of us do not like that someone can enter our house in such a simple way even if we have in our mobile the different movements and the images of these. Also, leaving our lock at the hands of a remote configuration system can end up throwing back people, as it could suffer some kind of hacking.

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