Thursday, October 12, 2017

Apple could launch a folding iPhone in 2020

Apple is working with LG Display to develop an iPhone with a foldable screen , which could launch in 2020. At least that is what the Korean website The Investor says, which also says that Apple has decided to work with LG, not with Samsung Display , in order to avoid leaks of technology to its main competitor in the smartphone industry: Samsung Electronics.
The truth is that this is not the first time rumors have surfaced about a future iPhone with a folding screen. In December last year news broke that LG was developing folding smartphone screens , which could start mass production in 2018, and Apple was one of the potential recipients of these screens.
LG has shown several prototypes of folding screens in the last couple of years, including a screen that folded over itself like a book, and another that was rolled up. LG folding screens use OLED panels and the company has been working to increase its durability and rate of performance.
According to rumors, LG has recently created a work team whose mission is to develop a collapsible OLED screen for a future iPhone, while its sister company LG Innotek has in turn a team developing the flexible rigid printed circuit boards (RFPCB) that would be integrated into these iPhones.
The technology needed to create a foldable screen still has some time to be ready for launch and, in fact, industry sources say that the production of such panels that would create a collapsible iPhone will not be ready until 2020, so that if everything goes well, we would still have to wait almost three years to see it.
Interestingly, Koh Dong-jin , the president of Samsung's mobile division, said after the announcement of the iPhone X that they hoped to launch a collapsible Galaxy Note next year although, admittedly, there were still several problems to solve : "As responsible for the division, I can say that our current objective is next year. When we solve some problems, for sure, we will launch the product. "We will have to see if they succeed.
As you know, Samsung is the exclusive supplier of OLED panels for the iPhone X and is also expected to supply OLED panels for the 2018 iPhones. However, it is clear that Apple wants to reduce its dependence on the company and, in fact, LG has recently started producing OLED panels for smartphones at a Chinese factory, and plans to start supplying these panels to Apple in 2019.
As for iPhones next year, for now will not have folding screens. At the moment, the rumors indicate that we will have two models with OLED screen , one of 5.85 inches and one of 6.46 inches. It is also possible that there is a new model with Full Active LCD , which would have a screen of 6 inches or more and a design without frames, such as OLED models.
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