Friday, October 13, 2017

Apple could launch an iPhone compatible with the Apple Pencil in 2019

It seems that Apple is seriously considering the option of launching a iPhone compatible with a stylus , which would probably be some kind of version of the Apple Pencil which, as you know, is currently only compatible with the iPad Pro.
The rumor comes from "industry sources" that have apparently spoken to the newspaper The Korea Herald , and who claim that Apple engineers "have recently been working" on a new iPhone "that comes with a digital pen" , and that it would probably be launched in 2019.
According to sources, unlike the stylus of the Galaxy Note, which has electromagnetic resonance technology, which requires special panels to be installed under the smartphone screen, the stylus for the iPhone would be capacitive, which is cheaper to manufacture than those of electromagnetic resonance, and that also offers an experience of use closer to that of a traditional pencil.
In addition, Apple's A-series chips would undergo a "drastic upgrade" to give greater fluidity when typing with the stylus on the iPhone screen.
When Apple released its first stylus, the Apple Pencil, along with iPad Pro, almost two years ago, everyone remembered those famous words of Steve Jobs during the presentation of the original iPhone in 2007: " Who wants a stylus? you have to catch them, and then release them, and you lose them, yuck! No one wants a stylus . "

The Apple Pencil is specially designed to be used with the iPad Pro, and gives its users the feeling that they are using a pen or a real pen, thanks to their sensors, which determine the orientation and angle of the Apple Pencil, as well as the pressure exerted, depending on which the strokes will be darker or lighter.
Tim Cook and other Apple executives avoid referring to the Apple Pencil as a "stylus". In fact, Cook said last year in an interview that they had released "a pencil, not a stylus" , adding that he was convinced that "Steve Jobs would have loved" the Apple Pencil. In addition, he also said something at the time, made me think that the iPhone 7 could be compatible with the Apple Pencil : "If you ever see what can be created on an iPhone or iPad with the pencil, it 's really amazing" , Cook said.
Will we get to see an iPhone with a stylus in the Galaxy Note mode? Only time will tell. What we do not know is what Steve Jobs would think of it, although it is clear that a device like the Apple Pencil has little to do with the stylus that existed when the original iPhone was released.
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