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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Apple decides not to go ahead with the Elvis Presley series for a sex scandal

A series on Elvis Presley will not see the light in the services of Apple by a sexual scandal of the producer in charge of realizing this series.
The series had already begun in its production phase , where Apple intended to follow with other celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Frank Sinatra or Prince.
The company's founder has been repeatedly reported for sexual harassment, where Apple has quickly decided to rescind the collaboration of both parties.

The project took a year in production for Apple Music

Apple Music
It would not be the first project this company would perform for Apple, where after the Elvis Presley series, there were other commissions as a documentary about the life of Michael Jackson.
News of the sex scandals jumped last Thursday, where The New York Times revealed the allegations of women who had been harassed by founder The Weinstein Company . The company automatically fired its founder.
Although the Elvis series had been in production for more than a year , Apple was not involved from the beginning, but it did join the project once it had already begun.
The idea of ​​Apple is to be able to offer its own content in its platform of Apple Music, where it is costing him to take off. We currently have series like Carpool Karaoke or Planet of Apps , but they are not enough.
Currently Apple Music offers music in streaming and television series for a price of 9.99 euros , offering a discount to students and a family plan that would amount to 14.99euros per month.
At some point, Apple may decide to continue producing the series on Elvis Presley , but for now the decision to abandon the project is firm. If it continues in the future, we could start to see new content in Apple Music.

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