Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Apple fixes the problem of 4G-LTE / 3G connections of Apple Watch series 3

Apple today released watchOS 4.0.1 , a minor update to the Apple Watch operating system aimed at solving a problem with the 4G-LTE or 3G cellular connections of this new version of its watch.
New colors for the Apple Watch series 3
The problem was with those types of Wi-Fi networks where it is not enough to connect to have access to the Internet, but also have to start a session of use ... at best, simply pressing a button that appears when visiting any web or simply waiting after connecting, and in the worst case, after giving away our email address or creating a useless account. This type of Wi-Fi networks are common in airports or in chains of establishments such as Starbucks.
When an iPhone, Mac, iPad or Apple Watch falls within the range of action of one of these Wi-Fi networks, they simply connect automatically because they have already used them before. However, in many cases you have to click on that button or log in to complete Internet access. This, easy on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, is simply impossible in the Apple Watch series 3 because not being foreseen, there is no popup or button to press, and we do not have a web browser. Thus, the clock was connected to that Wi-Fi network and remained (correctly) connected to it but without Internet connection. Just by disconnecting the Wi-Fi connections manually the Apple Watch series 3 reconnected to the Internet via cellular radio ... which, it is very ironic,
watchOS 4.0.1 solves this problem by discarding those Wi-Fi networks if after connecting, there is no Internet connection. Now, what we all wonder is ... how is it possible that no one in Apple has fallen into this problem when they designed the possibilities of autonomous access to the network via cellular radio?
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