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Monday, October 23, 2017

Apple gains ground while Microsoft does not make progress

We are aware that as much as we like and be fans of Apple, Microsoft, its biggest rival, has always had more public, although this feature is due to many factors such as that Windows and Android are more accessible to everyone, although now we know that the products of the apple are worth their corresponding price. It seems that Apple is now gaining business ground while Microsoft is not making progress.

Apple and its Mac are stepping on the accelerator

MacBook Pro Touch bar emoticons
We are already aware that right now Apple is well above many companies, indeed, it was said that with the release of iPhone X shares would come to such an extent that its market value broke the one trillion dollars being well the first company within the United States to have such a value.
It seems that lately Apple is focusing more on its way to increase market share and therefore continue to grow in the business and financial environment. We have already mentioned on some occasions that if the apple reaches the aforementioned goal of a trillion dollars, it will be the first time that a company has the value of a country like Mexico and would also be close enough to that of Spain since the latter has a GDP of 1.12 trillion dollars.
Stock Exchange
Apple's breakthrough and fall, although more than loss can translate into inactivity , from Microsoft is because Bill Gates's strong point is the operating system for Windows computers, but as we have seen not too long ago, sales of Mac computers are increasing and consequently there are more and more users of Apple and less of Microsoft, something that in the long run will negatively affect this brand.

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