Friday, October 27, 2017

Apple gives away Plotagraph + through the Apple Store app

It is very convenient to have the Apple Store application installed, because from time to time Apple surprises us with its generosity, giving us an application for a limited time.
On this occasion, Apple has chosen a great application that will allow us to animate our photographs, in a simple way and obtaining very successful effects. This is Plotagraph + , an app that costs € 5.49 if we download it in the App Store, but we can get totally free if we use the promotional code that we can find in the app of the Apple Store .
To get Plotagraph + the first thing we need is to have the Apple Store app installed (if you still do not have it, you can download it from here ). Then, we must go to the "Discover" section , which we will access by clicking on the icon in the lower left.
Plotagraph + -Free-1
Once in the "Discover" section, we will have to scroll until we find the Plotagraph + ad, click on it, and then on "Download for free".
Plotagraph + -Free-2
This will lead us to the App Store, where we can download the application by clicking on "Redeem" .
Plotagraph + -Free-3
Plotagraph + is a photo editing application that allows us to animate our jpg photos, bringing them to life in a spectacular way. We can animate a photograph that we already have on our reel, or also take a picture on the fly, and then animate it.
Once we open the application, we can see a brief tutorial on how to use its different tools. At first it may seem complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it's very simple, and the truth is that it is really good.
Remember that to get Plotagraph + free you must download it through the app of the Apple Store, and not through the App Store: if you download it from the App Store is not free, and its price is still € 5.49.
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