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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Apple has potential to outperform consoles, but is not taking advantage of it

The new Apple devices have extraordinary potential to run decent games with virtually no blinking, but Apple is not taking advantage.
A controller like the SteelSeries Nimbus could approach an experience similar to that of a game console alongside important titles.
FIFA Mobile, for example, has graphics and extraordinary gameplay in iOS , such as the Nintendo Switch. The problem is that we can not play with a controller, where the experience is completely lost.
In addition, FIFA does not have an adaptation on Apple TV, where it would be an excellent game for our glory days, similar to what could be a Play Station 4 or Xbox One.

The video game industry is betting on mobile phones

Apple TV iPhone
Sony stated that when they released PS Vita (PlayStation Portable), they knew that it was not going to have a good way because they had realized that the potential in the games was not in portable game consoles, but in smartphones. Thanks to its large screens and really powerful processors , a user could play anywhere with all the comforts of his smartphone.
On the contrary, Nintendo bet by Switch, a hybrid videogame console, where we could play in tablet mode or connected to our television. That is, "an iPad with game controllers", risked, was successful and was a success despite what Sony thought.
Instead in Apple we have an extraordinary window called App Store, where we find thousands of extraordinary games that can not be exploited for lack of a driver. It is not a question of getting used to playing with a virtual control on the screen, it is that there are games that need a physical control . The same thing happens in PC or Mac games, where there are games that have to be played with keyboard and mouse for a good experience.

Nintendo laced a tablet with controls and triumphed

Returning to Nintendo, we find the game Oceanhorn , a game that is available on the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV . If we compare with the latter, the graphics are much higher than the Nintendo, even we will be cheaper. It is also adapted to play with Nimbus, at least on the Apple TV. Where we have a user experience similar to playing on a console, but we do not have a comprehensive catalog.
Currently we have a reduced catalog of games on the Apple TV to be played with a Nimbus. Siri Remote is a breakthrough and serves many games, where sometimes it is better to play with this, but it is not enough.
Apple also took a step by offering a virtual game controller with the Remote app,  on our iOS device we could use it while playing on the Apple TV, but basically it is a virtual Siri Remote.
Even Apple wanted to give a boost with exclusive games like Sky , where in the end this exclusivity was denied shortly after. But at least he tried.
We have an Apple TV 4K with the potential of the second-generation 12.9 "iPad Pro , by which I mean we have the possibility to run really incredible games in our living room in a tiny box. But again, a driver is required to have a user experience similar to that of the consoles.
It is true that Apple never bet too much on games on Mac , it takes a few years to try to motivate ourselves with Metal, but for infrastructure or otherwise we have practically no games on Mac.
In iOS the thing is totally different, Apple users have the biggest catalog in quality games, you have to take advantage of that and Apple is completely wasting it , while users resign ourselves, of course.

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