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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Apple has removed several categories from the App Store

Recently and on the occasion of the arrival of iOS 11 to our devices both iPad and iPhone, we have seen some changes in the App Store, which many consider positive, a clear example of this is the new 64-bit system using the apps now , a more than necessary upgrade since the 32-bit applications were falling behind. It seems that Apple is now eliminating some category from the App Store.

Clean in the App Store

App Store
As we just said, the apple is doing cleaning in the App Store eliminating categories that, truth and from the point of view of the average user, were not too useful. The purpose of this task is basically to simplify as much as possible so that some applications in particular are much easier to find and we are not going around in circles.
Among those that have been erased we can find some as education, chance and others. The objective is to leave only the most relevant categories such as games, accessories and other things that we seek to look for because in part we need them, those that have been eliminated are because the percentage of user making uses of these tools is so low that not one reason to keep it there.
App Store iPhone Apps
These changes will continue to improve the App Store and making it easier for us to simply find what we are looking for. For the curious, the categories that are most used are editorial selection, stories and collections. It is obvious that a maze computer is difficult, but Apple is taking it forward and seems to give them results.

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