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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Apple is working to fix an accessibility bug on iOS 11

If there is a system that has given as much headache to both the developers of the same as the users themselves, that software is iOS 11, an operating system for both iPhone and iPad that has gone through ten stages betas and still to day today is giving problems, but not technical, but comfort. Apple is currently fixing several accessibility issues , some of these errors were characteristic that during the beta phases appeared and were very useful, but are no longer.

They are in it

Craig Federighi bookmarked by Google
Unfortunately we are not all users of beta phases either public or developers so we have no idea of ​​many things that have happened as this operating system was developed, but during some version, we could access the notifications from the middle of the screen , that is to say, without having to extend the finger completely and to lower them, something that supposed a tool of great comfort, but when it left of official way it disappeared without leaving any trace.
A very specific and demanding reader of a very famous English-speaking blog, MacRumors, sent an email to Craig Federighi, the manager of the software section at Apple asking him for this characteristic to which the high office of the company responded with a brief "what we are fixing ", this translates to that we will see it back soon in a version of iOS 11 , which one? We do not know, but we have the guarantee that he will return.
iOS 11
Accessibility is a problem that has had iOS 11 since it officially came out, for reasons so did not exceed the test details from the point of view of developers. We expect it to improve as it evolves, but we have to keep in mind that it has a very high bar as we come from iOS 10, Apple's most used operating system today for iPhone and iPad.

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