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Monday, October 2, 2017

Apple released Pippin, his own video game console, but it was a real failure

Despite the resounding success of Apple in virtually any device that pulls out, the company was never a permanent success in the past.
One of his greatest failures came with his videoconnola Pippin in 1995 , where many say that thanks to this failure, they begged Steve Jobs to return to the company.
Actually the game console was designed by Apple but manufactured by Bandai, ie Apple put the hardware, but wanted another company to distribute it under its own brand. The "winner" was Bandai .
The concept was basically a "cheap" computer for all audiences, although it was used as a game console that outperformed the original Play Station . But he arrived late and with a very high price.

Pippin was well ahead of his time

The console of Apple had everything necessary that a console today incorporates basic. You could connect to the Internet , some very futuristic controls and even a joystick quite interesting for his time (of which they were made more than consoles).
Inside was a PowerPC 603e 66MHz 32-bit processor , a limited version of macOS, a 4x CD-ROM drive, a 14,400 bps modem and two colors available, blank for Japan and black for the United States.
It had about 30 titles created by Bandai, with games like Dragon Ball, Power Rangers or Sailor Moon . It also included a web browser and even an encyclopedia (in the late 90's were very popular).
The launch had a tragic destiny in a short time, concretely less than two years. Two years where the hardware was updated three times, but it was not enough to catch the attention of users. Much less for its price, 599 dollars of the time.
42,000 units were sold out of the planned 100,000. Still selling the 100,000 units, it would become a failure. The Virtual Boy of Nintendo had about 770,000 units sold, being one of the biggest failures of Nintendo.

He arrived late and bad, but thanks to that, Jobs returned

Steve Jobs in the presentation of the first iPod
It arrived at a time where Play Station of Sony, Nintendo 64 or Sega with Saturn began to stand out in the market with a lower price and with a catalog of games much more ample and novel.
Two years after its unsuccessful launch, Apple offered Steve Jobs a hand to return to the company and try to save it from all the technological failures that were dragging.
Shortly after, Steve Jobs eliminated virtually all of Apple's catalog (printers, cameras, PDAs ...) to develop the iPod and iMac . Thanks to this, the company began to raise head very quickly, completely forgetting the failure of Pippin.
Pippin was considered one of the biggest failures in the history of videogame consoles . There is now a market for it, but it is sold as a collector's item.
Now Apple does not sell videogame consoles as such, but they do offer and boast of having the largest catalog of mobile games in the App Store , where the Apple TV is taking a big role to spend an afternoon of glory with the games they offer in iOS and tvOS.

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