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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Apple responds to US Senate with more details on Face ID security

We have all been able to witness the presentation of the iPhone X, but undoubtedly the most innovative and that has caught the attention not only of people and the public of the bite apple in general, but also of justice and government of the United States, in particular asked for details about the security and truthfulness that would be offered by the facial recognition system in the terminal mentioned above and today Apple has responded to the US Senate with details on the security of Face ID.

Apple and Security

Face ID
Although we have and have evidence from the government and the person in charge of the Cupertino company to send these data to the Senate of the country, neither the company nor the company itself has disclosed the data they have offered to this important section in the United States to justify the truth and security of the Face ID.
The senator himself has said that he will closely follow Apple as a company and the development of such technologies and systems so advanced to carry out a plan that protects the user and the information of this in any concept. This same person already had a similar conversation with Tim Cook several years ago in 2013 on the same thing, but with the Touch ID , something that already have been adopting all the leading brands in the market of the telephony.
Security and passwords, photo edited with Mextures
It is clear that the iPhone X is going to be a breakthrough in every way , but the Face ID is going to be for biometric technology more concretely. If you want to be one of the lucky ones to have one of these terminals you will have to hurry and reserve it before you go to the market as it is possible that you will be left without a unit due to the high demand of this one.

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