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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Apple silently launches new covers for MacBook 12 "

Today we have all been focused on the iPhone X and closing the Apple Store Online before moving to reservations, we did not think they were going to release anything else those of Cupertino, but we were wrong, because when he opened the store we found ourselves in addition of the reserves of the iPhone X, the possibility of acquiring new covers for the 12-inch MacBooks with a very premium material, in leather. 

New leather case for your 12-inch MacBook

And since the material is very premium, the price is also very good, since it is not cheap, since it has a price of 169 euros which is about 4,499 pesos in Mexico . To give you an idea is 10 euros cheaper than AirPods. 

This case that looks beautiful , everything must be said, is sold in the Apple Store in two types of colors: night blue and caramel brown. This is a case that does not fit in the terminal but will serve as a "bag" for you to keep and transport it protected by this leather cover. 
Although there are other alternatives from different third-party manufacturers, it is the first official Apple case and for the price we noticed it, and it can be justified by the material with which it is made that we will not find it in other manufacturers . Failing to feel it, we can say that the quality as we always see in Apple will be ten, and we will have a cover for years and that will accompany our MacBook with the best of styles.
You can find this case from the Apple Store Online where you can buy it and it will be sent to you "free" in a day by urgent order, as we are used to and we will soon be able to go to an Apple Store to see it in person and be able to touch it and see the quality of the material to spend this money.
What do you think of this case for your MacBook that will com

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