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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Apple Spain confirms that iPhone X stock will be "scarce initially"

There have been many days wandering between studying and studying whether there will be enough stock for all users looking to have the iPhone X in their hands next November 3. Well the ramblings are over as we have just received an official mail from Apple where they say that the stock of the iPhone X "will be scarce initially." 

Apple Spain confirms shortage of iPhone X

An email has made official what we already knew voices, that there is enough iPhone X for all users who are interested in booking it by the end of October. Apple knows that and is giving reserve facilities to those users who have contracted the update program to those who will allow to enter the reservation on the 23rd. 
To the entrepreneurs that normally buy in the Apple Store of Sun has arrived the following email to them of the department of companies:

We have been interested in:
"A month ago we introduced the new iPhone X, our new generation of iPhone, which lands in Spain on November 3. Availability will be scarce initially and today we start reservations for the most common business customers of the Apple Store. "
The customers of the big companies will have preference and can ask directly to the Apple Store that they ask to factory one to be able to have it in their hands the same 3 of November without making any type of queue or to be anxious before the Mac to make the reservation.

In conclusion, whoever reserves the iPhone X will be a hero

We already have the official confirmation that booking an iPhone X will be almost impossible on October 27 , and that in a few minutes all reservations will be over. That is why we have made a post where we expose tricks to be able to book it in a fast way. 
If you are not fortunate to book it, you should wait until November 3 and sleep in front of an Apple Store as you used to or wait for more stock at the Apple Store or third-party resellers.

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