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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Apple to rent studio in Los Angeles to produce own content

Apple wants to get involved in the production of own content betting enough capital on the matter and making signings of enough quality to be able to carry this task forward . The next move that the company of Cupertino would supposedly give is to rent a studio in Los Angeles to record its own content.

Apple continues to work on making own content for Apple Music

It is well known that the company goes behind different original content rights. The last ones we met were the plans to produce Steve Spielberg's "Amazing Stories" or series very similar to big hits like Game of Thrones . 
Apple logo with green leaf
The value of this study could reach four million dollars a year , and would be for Apple from January 1, 2018, date on which would be free this establishment of its current owners. Apple already has a presence in Los Angeles with the offices of Beats, and it seems that this study would be quite close to these.
We took many months and I dare to say that more than a year talking about the original production of the Cupertino company that seems not to take off. We watched as they dared to launch on the Apple Music platform, Carpool Karaoke that has not had much success. 
Seeing that the lates movie are not very successful among users and is not a claim to pay the money that costs the subscription to Apple Music a month, the company would choose as the logical to resemble Netflix or HBO and make content totally own in themes of series and movies. When will we see it going?
This could be the opportunity that we were all waiting to see how Apple would begin to be serious recording in these studies series and movies that end up convincing the users and all the students that we enjoy a good discount on the platform, and with the Netflix price hike could have been profiting from this migration of users, but we will not see this surely until 2018 or 2019.

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