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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Apple updates its website to await the arrival of the iPhone X

This week, Apple has confirmed the date announced in the last keynote , when he announced on October 27 as a day of start of applications for the purchase of iPhone X. As always Apple updated its website,placing clearly visible both this day as on November 3, when shipments will finally begin.
Thus, it is confirmed that against all forecasts and rumors of delays the date will be fulfilled and it will be possible for those who with time, budget and a good connection to the Internet, get to take the Apple mobile star, which is safe and at least during the first month, will be available in limited quantities.

Six days separate us from the arrival of the iPhone X

The most anticipated device of 2017 has been, even since last year, the protagonist of innumerable news; some praise its new features - screen without frames, Face ID, luxury finish - while others criticize at its price too high, even though Apple is not known by a mid-range company, but instead knows how to charge very well for what it offers.
Although up to now, only Tim Cook and some other executive firm of the apple bite have had the privilege of using the iPhone X as their personal mobile, the rest of us who are interested in the subject, we know a lot of the characteristics of the Apple flagship . And we are thrilled that there is less and less to try.
Undoubtedly, it is a mobile that has risked its characteristics, which once tested will be decisive for the continuity or not in the manufacture of this type of devices.

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