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Monday, October 23, 2017

Apple vendors are boosting production of AMD Radeon Pro Vega GPUs

As we saw in the WWDC 2017 , Apple has renovated its entire range of computers from MacBook laptops to desks or all in one iMac. These last ones received an impressive improvement which made it not only an indispensable work tool in the day to day of many, but also something with which we could get to play games of last generation. A very important component in the latter, the graphics card, has increased its production considerably in AMD due to the demand of the new iMac .

AMD scale due to demand from Apple

AMD Logo
We all know that what has driven people back that wanted a laptop to give different uses, leaving aside the work was not so powerful and optimized for the world of video games, but as we could see in the conference mentioned something above, all this has changed in this generation of Apple computers.
The beast of the new iMac and which is suffering a great increase in the production index is specifically the AMD Radeon Pro Vega Pro, both the 56 and the 64. The first has 8 GB dedicated entirely to the quality of the video, while the second has 16 GB , something totally incredible.
iMac Pro
We know that all this has a price and in this case is quite justified, we always say that Apple products are worth their high cost. To get an idea of ​​where the price range of the most powerful iMac starts is about $ 5,000 , we still do not have an exact price for Spain, but usually here costs something more. It is clear that for that budget we can mount an impressive computer to individual pieces, but unfortunately in Windows we will not have the fluidity and optimization of macOS.

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