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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Apple will focus on the development of folding screens to compete against Samsung

Based on the routine of all the years, this could not be the expiration and already they begin to gather rumors about what will be the next iPhone, although still it is not finished to know the Phone X. This time, and according to we count from The Bell , those of Cupertino would be finalizing the negotiations with LG to manufacture its mobile maximum with folding OLED screen and in this way to face to Samsung.
According to this report, Samsung would be working on its flexible display device for next year, while Apple would be requesting the production of the same in 2020 for a possible launch in 2021.

Apple would be planning an iPhone with flexible display

It seems that the work of LG Innoteck would not be limited to the screens, but could also be in charge of providing the flexible printed circuit board that would drive the iPhone collapsible. As can be seen in several additional sources Apple is also considering investing in a LG plant that would produce flexible OLED screens, which according to these plans seems convenient.
Although with the iPhone X, Samsung was the manufacturer of the screens, the number of leaks that were obtained with respect to the final details of the same, may be one of the most significant reasons for Apple to have decided on LG in this opportunity .
The information on these intentions of Apple, emerged a few months ago, although at that time LG sounded like candidate for these plans next to the company Japan Display, of which it was said Apple also would be interested in that technology.
For now and while we wait for the first impressions on the expected iPhone X, analysts do not diminish their curiosity to know what Apple prepares ahead.

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