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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Apple will release an update to address the WPA2 vulnerability

We recently knew about the news about how cyber-criminals had created a tool called Krack that allowed to violate WPA2 passwords of the router . Apple already has a solution and will release an update to fix it.
This problem is not unique to Apple, but to the WPA2 security protocol, of which all manufacturers are affected . To fix it, Apple is working on a solution that seems to fix this problem.
It is currently in beta, where they claim that the problem would be solved, so Apple only needs to launch an update to prevent cybercriminals from having access to routers like AirPort , which we remember are some of the safest in the world.

How does this vulnerability affect our routers?

AirPort router WPA2
Basically the Krack tool is able to violate the security password of our computers, even though it has a WPA2 protocol, of which it is one of the safest these days.
While Apple releases the update to correct the problem, we can take some additional actions to be more secure, one of them would be to put our WiFi signal hidden and rename the SSDI or install a VPN on our devices.
Although there are tools to see what types of WiFi networks exist in the area even though they are hidden, it is not necessary to put all the locks that we can to keep our connection as safe as possible.
The update that Apple is preparing will be available for all devices in the company, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Apple TV or even Apple Watch. So possibly within a very short time you will see a security update on your computers.
Of course, it is highly recommended (not to say mandatory), to update it as soon as possible to continue to have a safe and reliable device.

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