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Monday, October 2, 2017

Apple wins in video test with its iPhone 8 Plus against the Samsung Note 8

We all have clear that when looking at a terminal to buy, the camera is one of the biggest components to keep in mind, along with the RAM , processor and other parts of the hardware. We already know that Apple and the cameras in their smartphones have never had bad reputation and we have just demonstrated it once again. A video test taking into account the quality, frames per second and other important details, the iPhone 8 Plus has done really well against the Samsung Note 8 .

Which camera has the best?

Samsung Galaxy Note 8
The test has taken into account all the features that can make a camera in one terminal better than another, before you swim it must be said that Note 8 is an incredible smartphone and that the owners of this one have nothing to repent of your purchase. There have been some facets in which the Korean terminal has shone, but in general the iPhone has won .
Summing up the test we could say that Samsung wins in the technical section, but the iPhone wins in the artistic as we can read in the 9to5Mac article. When using the camera of the iPhone 8 Plus the feeling it gives us is more like a kinematics with more vivid colors and shades, but you never have to take credit to the Korean firm as his camera is also incredible.
iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus

We also have to take into account the personal factor, that is, our opinion, because for taste colors. It has judged the slow motion and the iPhone here wins for quite having twice as many frames allowing this type of recording to look more fluid and better . It is clear that both terminals are a pass and should be on top of the pyramid, but this time and in this section the 8 Plus has reached its full potential and has emerged victorious.

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