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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Apple works with LG to launch an iPhone with flexible OLED display

The first flexible screens manufactured by LG should be ready for two years, but it would not be possible to market them on an iPhone until 2020 at the earliest.
In the current market, there are a couple of brands that are about to sell terminals with flexible displays, one of them would be Samsung, followed by Axon M of ZTE .
The main idea would be to offer an iPhone that could be folded like the typical shell terminals. Although it is still an approach to this trend, it seems that could be something habitual within a few years.

LG as Apple's main ally

Apple and LG
Although Samsung is about to launch a terminal with flexible display, Apple is betting on LG to be the supplier of new models with this type of screen. LG has no business model, but it has demonstrated advanced prototypes with flexible OLED displays .
Perhaps a flexible screen may seem almost unthinkable. But the truth is that we have already seen prototypes where they showed us the potential of this type of screens, where when folded, the user interface changed and adapted according to the position in which it was.
Although efforts to create this technology and bring it to devices commonly used as an iPhone are very advanced, we would not see mass production until 2020, where Apple is expected to release this new generation of iPhone to the market.
Apple will launch the iPhone X next November 3, where it will be the first terminal of the brand with an OLED screen , where it is expected to be the standard for new iPhone futures .

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