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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Apple's chief operating officer sees no need to improve autonomy or future mobile performance

Apple Chief Operating Officer Jeff Williams has made statements that many people will not like at a forum hosted by the chip maker for the company's Cupertino TSMC on the occasion of its 30 years running. In this forum, the manager of Apple has stated that he no longer needs to focus on improving the performance and battery of future terminals (will apply to Apple itself?) And that they should focus on virtual reality and innovate new technologies that help the customer.

Improve battery and performance? No longer a priority for Apple's chief operating officer

At the conference offered yesterday by Jeff Williams, he revealed his observations on the current telephony industry, not to mention the plans he has for Apple , although if his ideology is this, he may end up convincing the rest of the directive.
Jeff Williams, Tim Cook's right-hand man.
Jeff Williams, Tim Cook's right-hand man. Photo taken from TIME magazine.
The words of Jeff Williams, collected by Digitimes were as follows:
While refusing to disclose Apple's development plans for the next 10 years in the forum, Williams shared his industry observations over the past decade. He said that after entering the era of smartphones, the semiconductor industry experienced a compromise between computing power and power consumption, but thanks to the technological advances of TSMC, ARM and others, he believes that the balance it is no longer necessary.
Continuing with these words, the devices no longer have any problem with the battery . In other brands I do not know, but in Apple? the autonomy leaves much to be desired especially since iOS 11 and I am convinced that many of you, readers, have this sensation as I have in my iPhone 6s. Here we do not see that balance that manifests.
Well, it seems that according to Jeff Williams has already reached the top to leave aside the work of integrating a processor with the battery to have lower power consumption because the balance has already been found. Will this man see the opinions of the hundreds of users who complain about autonomy? Apparently not.
Williams has proposed focusing on augmented reality , security and privacy . He thinks that they should not make more powerful equipment (which in this case I agree because the latest models have power that we do not take advantage, but battery ...). Instead of giving more power should be made innovations in the medical fieldand this can greatly contribute to the incorporation of augmented reality.

In my opinion, there is very good performance and I think innovation lies in success and especially if it ends up helping people. In this I am very in favor of the chief of operations of Apple, but you can not say that on the battery "there is a balance" because it does not exist with iOS 11 in many users.

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