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Monday, October 9, 2017

Apple's fast charging is not so fast, do not be fooled

With the latest Apple terminal we've seen in the market, the iPhone 8, was incorporated, but delayed, the expected wireless load and fast charge. The negative of these incorporations? That we must go through the box to enjoy them, since they do not include accessories of any kind, neither compatible with the wireless charge nor even the head that will allow us to charge our device with fast charge, unlike Samsung that if included as standard , not charging us more than € 30 for this adapter (although this gives for another post). But is it worth this fast load or are we kidding?

Authentic fast load on the iPhone 8? It seems that

To answer this question we have addressed a video that have been echoed our companions of ADSLZone , where we see the timed tests of how long it takes to charge the iPhone 8 Plus with the accessory that will open the door to the fast loading and without he. This accessory is a 29W adapter and a USB C to Lightning adapter. Let's watch the video and then comment.
The first to pass the test has been the iPhone 8 Plus. This is completely off and unloaded and is connected to a standard adapter, the one that comes by default in the box. That is, in the first case the rapid charging is not used. The result has been 2h and 11 minutes the full charge without touching it at any time.
Now that we know the starting time, we will happen to see the result when you load a terminal of the same performance, fully discharged and off but with an adapter to the current of 29W and that in theory will give us fast charging. The result? 1 hour and 59 minutes.
With these two times we conclude that there is a difference of 12 minutes between the normal load and the fast load . That is why the answer to the title of this post is clearly no. In my humble opinion, calling fast charge to this is a real joke as the author of the video says. We want to paste something from Apple that is not even a quick box, and besides charging us for the adapter to part, and the results I stick. When Apple sells us at a high price a product we expect the best and we are not seeing it in this aspect, although for Tim Cook "is a bargain"  his new devices. We hope you tell us your experience if you have tested this functionality.

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