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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Apple's investment in micro LED technology would lengthen the range of future Apple Watch

Apple is constantly working to improve its products with investment in new technology to implement them . This time, we will see in the next Apple Watch the technology of micro LED screen that could contribute to extend the battery life of it, the great problem reported by all users who have a device of this caliber in his wrist.
In the year 2000, this LED technology was developed for the first time and it has taken 11 years to evolve enough to be attractive to companies that in 2011 began to integrate into possible low resolution screens. The positive thing about LED technology is that it is very similar to OLED because both are emissive . That is, each pixel has its own light source and there is no general source like on LCD screens. The micro LED technology in particular uses several LEDs in a pixel to have all the colors present in this . As we see in the OLED screens, this technology can be placed in a flexible film making possible the curved screens.
micro LED screens

What pros and cons has micro LED technology?

This technology being developed has many advantages like being lighter, having lower latency, higher contrast and better color saturation. But all the pros have their cons such as the price of manufacturing that is superior to the OLED (a negative point for the users that we would end up paying the difference) and also the generation of more waste, something that will not end up liking those of Cupertino, Committed to the environment.
New Apple Watch Series 3 LTE Straps
Apple acquired in 2014 LuxVue, a company destined to its manufacture. It is still some years before this technology can be profiled and the error rate can be reduced. Coming soon, we will see in the Apple Watch in order that we have a higher battery performance in these . In such a small body can not increase the size of the battery, but if you can optimize the components to have a lower power consumption and in the end, the result will be much more autonomy.
These seem like the most logical steps Apple can follow and what they would be working to solve all the problems that is giving the autonomy of the Watch Series 3, especially the LTE version.

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