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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Apps do not fit the iPhone X screen according to this video

The iPhone X will reach some hands from November 3 , and I say some, because the units that are available are very scarce, which will cause the person who gets a reservation on October 28 will be a real heroes, since everything seems to point out that it will be an impossible mission for all users who want to reserve it, having to camp in front of an Apple Store as before to be able to get one without reservation. Today, there has been a video in which we have seen how some apps are not yet compatible with the screen of the iPhone X.

IPhone X would force developers to upgrade their applications

We all wanted a front where there was only a screen, but unfortunately there is a grimace at the top of the screen where a large number of sensors are housed as well as the FaceTime camera. This could bring many headaches to application developers as they will be forced to launch an update by adapting the app to this "tab", to name it somehow. This I say by the video that I leave to you next, and that I will comment next.
In this video that has been uploaded to Reddit by a user we see an iPhone X in Silver color as the one we saw Tim Cook last week by accident . In this, we see how the user runs a well-known application, Instagram.
When opening it, we see at the top as not adapting to the frames, hiding the top of the interface by this grimace for the sensors. The developers as they have the terminal in their hands we hope to launch the corresponding updates to be able to adapt them . Although it is not very symbolic, and that is not to get our hands on the head, if we like to see everything in its place.
We will wait to see if with the launch of the iPhone X the applications begin to launch a great batch of updates to fill this visual problem. Leave us in the box of comments that you think about it.

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