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Monday, October 30, 2017

Being youtuber is the best way to have the iPhone X before anyone else

From now on , you might want to create videos lanzarte to earn a place in the market of technology influencers, and some of them have been able to get their hands ahead of time to the new iPhone X . That's right, a few days after the official release of the devices, some youtubers have uploaded new videos showing the new phone of the famous line, with the consent of Apple and not as it happened not long ago.
The new mobile, which marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first iPhone, has been tampered with for the first time without the great control of the Steve Jobs Theater press room in which the keynote was held. Then, you can see the first impressions of the lucky ones who have managed to put the glove on this little (and expensive) wonder. And the truth is, they seem to be quite happy with him.

The iPhone X is already on the street ... Or at least, in the homes of certain creators

The playlist that we have placed contains the seven videos that have been published this past afternoon. We assume that the embargo on the previews of the iPhone X ended today, which has allowed this to happen. Among the chosen ones, we can find some well-known names in the American community , such as "Booredatwork" or "Soldier knows best", together with publications of the "Popular Science" level. And we do not doubt that the list will increase as we get closer to November 3.
Remember that this Friday you can have the opportunity to do with the new iPhone X. Maybe you have to wait a bit in the case of online sales, but you might smile lucky if you can get close to one of the Apple Store, since Much of the stock will be dedicated to the company's official stores . Of course, be prepared to fight for him, because it is possible that it will be difficult for you to meet these first days.

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