Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Camera + is updated with improvements for iOS 11 as photo editing with depth data

The popular Camera + photo editing app has been updated to become one of the first Apps to use the depth information provided by the double rear camerathe iPhone 7 or iPhone 8, in conjunction with iOS 11. With iOS 10, although the iOS Camera App allowed to take pictures in portrait mode, the background blur changes that were applied were fully automatic, and on top of that, no allowed to edit the blur level or use that depth information for nothing. The operating system simply did not give access to the depth information, that is, the one that determines what is in the foreground and what is behind it. Portrait mode uses this information to blur the background, and on iOS 11, also to darken it. iOS 11 also opens the door to accessing this information so that we can use it when editing images. One of the first Apps that has achieved it is Camera +, which now besides taking pictures in portrait mode by itself,
If you update the App to the latest version (10, updated today) you can start importing those portraits and doing things like blurring the background even more, or applying a filter on the background but not on the subject, or vice versa ... apply a filter on the person or object portrayed, without affecting the background. The possibilities are enormous, much more control is offered on those two planes, the first and the bottom, than with the Photo App or Camera so far. Just for that, this App that costs € 3.49 is already worth, especially if you make many portraits.
In addition to being able to access that information of depth that grants having two lenses and two cameras making the same photo, the interface has been slightly updated to adapt it even more to the style of iOS 11 on the one hand, and on the other to add a button to power take a picture at any time, at the bottom of the screen. Finally, support has been added for the new image format that iOS 11 uses, HEIF , which maintains the good quality we have enjoyed so far with the JPEG image format but considerably reducing the storage space that each file occupies. In this article we tell you all the details about this new image format, and the video that accompanies it on the most modern iOS devices.
Camera +
You can upgrade or buy Camera + by clicking here . It is, for many years, one of the best photo editing Apps that can be enjoyed on an iPhone.
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