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Monday, October 9, 2017

Carpool Karaoke will broadcast the episode of Linkin Park free from Facebook

Carpool Karaoke is the exclusive series of Apple Music, where, for the first time will be broadcast an episode totally free and accessible to everyone from Facebook . Specifically the episode of Linkin Park.
The vocalist of the musical group died at his home in California on July 20 . Shortly before, he had recorded for Apple Music an episode of Carpool Karaoke with actor Ken Jong.
After announcing the news of the death, Apple left the decision to issue the episode in the hands of his family , where a few days ago confirmed the desire that the episode of Carpool Karaoke with Chester Bennington (lead singer of Linkin Park) was issued.

October 12 will be broadcast on Facebook

From October 12 , we will have the opportunity to see this emotional episode, where we do not know if the video will be exclusive to Facebook or will be broadcast from Apple Music for all subscribers to the service of streaming Apple.
Since the official account of Linkin Park have confirmed the free publication of the episode, the wife of Chester Bennington also left it reflected from his Twitter account, where it offers a direct link to the Facebook page .
On October 27th , the band will offer a concert in California to pay homage to the person who was the voice of the band Linkin Park. Only a few days after the broadcast on Facebook in which they participated in Carpool Karaoke.
Members of Linkin Park will be accompanied by actor Ken Jeong , where you have probably seen some of their roles in series such as "Community" or the hit movie "Hangover in Vegas."

The decision by the family to broadcast the episode of Linkin Park in Carpool Karaoke is being greatly applauded by the fans of the group, where next October 12 we will enjoy it free from Facebook and maybe also Apple Music.

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